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It's hard to use in anything but a dedicated deck, and even then some colors are really bad with it. I mean, there's all of 3 cards with Infect in red, There's only 4 in white, and there's 4 in Blue.

Now, let's go over to Black and Green. There's 14 cards with infect in green, and 15 in black, plus a few others to give other creatures infect or put creatures into play with infect.

The only real saving grace for other decks is the artifact cards with infect, but even that won't help much.
White/Black Infect is perfectly playable, as is Red infect. Neither are tournament level (but then again no infect has really turned out to be tournament level) but they work just fine for casual play. Proliferate is what makes them playable. You're not playing 3 red infect cards, you're playing 3 red infect cards, 1 red proliferate, 3 artifact proliferate, and some artifact infect.

It's shallow, but given how much hate infect has managed to acquire through no fault of its own it's probably for the best that there are so few cards. I would love to see more infect cards hanging around so it would actually be reasonable to play them, but since my infect decks have already been banned by my casual playgroup (despite netting 0 wins...yeah) it's unlikely printing more would have made more people like them.

And skittles can easily be put in a non-infect deck. He's a 5 cost 4/4 flier with wither and regenerate who only needs to hit your opponent 3 times to win you the game. His damage doesn't stack with your other creatures, but that's a pretty small price to pay for what he does (block Avacyn then regenerate :P)