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Thread: Ménage à 3 III: 47 Seconds Later

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kato View Post
    ...because rumor has it some Caucasian might be less attracted to an Asian than another Caucasian? Not me, but I'd assume so. And therefore she's not as 'average' as Sonja is.
    Oh, if you're talking about the 'average' with regard to Caucasians, then I'd agree with your assessment that Yuki is non-standard.

    It's just that 'average' is very subjective term here - to a Japanese person, Yuki would be the 'average'.

    Quote Originally Posted by Morph Bark View Post
    Not really an issue, but some people are less attracted to members of certain races.
    I wasn't questioning that, I was questioning Kato's exclusion of Yuki from the 'average beauty' on account of her being Asian. :)
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