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    Quote Originally Posted by Morph Bark View Post
    Not really an issue, but some people are less attracted to members of certain races. I, for one, find less Asian women attractive than non-Asian ones, for one. The same goes for most black women, while black guys do really well (I usually don't tell them that though, mostly because half the black guys I know personally have huge egos).

    On the subject of Sandra not being hot due to being a redhead/ginger: there is a difference between redheads and gingers, yanno?
    My general preferences goes "Mediterranean / Middle Eastern - Latina - Caucasian Dark Hair - Blondes - The rest". Now this is all in theory, of course.

    Besides, the art has something to do with it. I tend to find women less and less attactive the more "Manga-ish" they are drawn. Zee has lost more and more hotness the further the series has gone, for this reason, for example.
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