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    Default Re: Magic: The Gathering Thread XIV: Instant Annoying, Just Add Hexproof

    Quote Originally Posted by IthilanorStPete View Post
    Why are you letting them get to that point, though? You have Mana Leaks and other disruption for a reason...
    Because you don't always get enough disruption to stop it and you don't always have the mana to cast Mana Leak. This isn't Legacy, where I can always Force of Will.

    Remember, M12 will be rotating out as well. Delver loses Ponder and Mana Leak, which are huge, as well as Gitaxian Probe. To exist post-rotation, there needs to be another good cheap cantrip, and given the problem's Ponder's caused, I don't see that happening.
    There's a fairly easy Ponder replacement in Magic 2013 (maybe not as good overall, but does still help Delver in terms of the "reorder your library" department). As for another cheap cantrip, there is always Think Twice...or maybe even Fleeting Distraction.

    I think you may be overestimating the importance of Mana Leak. A lot of Delver decks have dropped to three (presumably because of Cavern of Souls). It's not like there aren't new or already-existing counterspells that can take its place.

    No, a Pod deck is a reworked aggro deck with a bit of a midrange plan. (How much depends on the build) Look at the Naya Pod or Zombie Pod decks that've been doing well recently.
    I was trying to say they could be reworked into Ramp/Aggro decks. That is, you don't have to ditch the deck entirely.

    Last I checked Solar Flare hasn't done well in a while.
    How long is "in a while"? It got first place at SCG Worcester, which was less than a month ago. It also got a Top 8 at SCG Indianapolis, which was mid-June.
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