Yuki stands with a neutral expression for a moment, seemingly pondering the butler's words. At first, she is silent.

Then her eye twitches.

"So," she states flatly. "That... mongrel..." she growls, irritation slowly rising in her voice. "Lied to me?" she asks, hatred burning in her eye.

Rage almost seems to radiate off the normally cool and aloof maid; the others can almost feel the heat of her anger, and they made feel inclined to take a few steps back just to be safe.

"Oh... Oh, he thinks he can make me look like a fool, does he?" she snarls, punching her right fist into her left palm. "I could care less about him flirting with me! That doesn't bother me! What upsets me is that the scoundrel actually made me explain why I thought he was a damn wizard, when in reality-" she growls fiercely, "He's... He..."

A twisted grin spreads across the assassin's face. "He thinks I'm a 'lovely snowflake,' does he? I'll show him how much of a lovely snowflake I am when I've got him by the horns..." she glowers.