Yay, an update! I was starting to get worried for this project! Alright, lemme take a crack at this.

The Shadow should be easy enough. There's plenty of Shadow powers in D&D you can slap on, and you could even perhaps have Shadow Walking at a Sakura power...or perhaps have the Sakura power be something like combining with or assisting Illusion...

...With Illusion being self explanatory, and it's Sakura powers being (with Shadow's help or not) something like Shadow Conjuration and other powers where illusions are "partially real"?

In any case, "Greatest Desire" should be a Clow ability for Illusion, where it projects what the target most desires and wants, even if the Cardcaptor doesn't know what it is.

Float...I'm thinking Feather Fall, Levitation, and the like.

Song can replicate a Bard's class abilities, like Inspire Courage or something. It creates music through a Ghost Sound effect.

Shot is Magic Missle.

Change = Mind Switch. Maybe Polymorph as a Sakura power?

Voice can be stuff like Magic Mouth.

Lock should be simple enough. Wizard Lock and the like. As a Sakura power, perhaps things like Imprisonment and Freedom?

Create should be simple. The Creation powers, from Minor to True, depending on what you feel appropriate.

Move can have stuff like Mage Hand and Telekinesis.

Maze obviously needs the Maze spell. C'mon now. :D

Through should stress Etherealness, as a way of passing through objects.

Plenty of powers to use for Dream. Perhaps simple Dream spells, and it's Sakura power includes the epic power of Dreamscape?

Light and Darkness should work in tandem, however you plan to use them.

That's my preliminary shot. Is this helpful?