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    Default Re: Magic: The Gathering Thread XIV: Instant Annoying, Just Add Hexproof

    Quote Originally Posted by tgva8889 View Post
    since come on it's no spoiler that Return to Ravnica will be a multicolor block.
    Unless that's what they want us to think, and they're actually making it a monocolor block just to screw with us.


    EDIT: I finally put the cards together for my sacrifice deck and just got done goldfishing a bunch of hands. I like what I'm seeing so far; it's a bit slow the first few turns, but then suddenly picks up and can easily get a ridiculous board presence and/or a ton of damage by around turn five. In fact, on one hand I casted Carrion Feeder and Blood Artist turn three and managed to get four +1/+1 counters and three BA triggers before that turn was finished.

    Over the next day or two I just need to play around with various tweaks to the list and, more importantly, play some actual games (preferably against other people, but I do have two other decks I could play against myself) to see what happens when someone, for instance, starts blocking Bloodghast and/or trying to keep my Feeders and Artists off the board.

    Also, I had an interesting idea: Instead of equipment, what about splashing green for Rancor? With the eight fetches I'm already using, all I'd need is one or two Overgrown Tombs and the Rancors themselves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cirrylius View Post
    That's how wizards beta test their new animals. If it survives Australia, it's a go. Which in hindsight explains a LOT about Australia.