I have been writing up a campaign recap (The Big One) and in the course of doing so I alluded to a character's background and his visit to a Giant city. With encouragement to write something up more in the style of these snippets I put the following together.

A Matter of Scale:

Marilius had spent nearly three weeks in the city of New Jotun and he could still not shake the constant feeling of being cold. A sanctuary where all races of giant could meet and debate without fear of violence, it was not meant for human comfort. Everything was built too large for the average man's eye. No matter how warm the air, everything felt cold. He constantly felt himself pulling his sable cloak tighter around himself.

There was a single place where he found a degree of warmth and could find enjoyment. Korlwyn was a prominent Cloud Giant Ambassador and once famed warrior. It was said that he had the heads of five black dragons mounted on his trophy room walls, a story that Marilius himself had told multiple times. Korlwyn had personally welcomed him to the city and instructed the otherwise giants-only city to greet him with open arms and eager ears. Marilius considered himself a natural storyteller and his tales of bravery and songs of infedility had resonated with the giant culture. He almost felt the smallest twinge of guilt in seducing Korlwyn's daughter. The majority of Cloud Giants had silver hair and blue eyes, she was a prize amongst her own kind for she had eyes green as emeralds and hair like spun gold. He knew it was little more than a dalliance, he was simply different from her usual suitors and that gave him all the edge he needed.

There first night was awkward. He had come to her chambers for a private show and the fire burning in her hearth was more akin to a burning house from his perspective. He had performed songs, ballads, and even juggled a flurry of daggers none of which seemed to impress her. On a whim he made an off hand comment about overcoming a reluctant maiden in a hayloft and her attention and demeanor shifted. She was easily twice his height and he was considered well above average height. It was her eyes that won him over. He had long suspected that few people took the time to really look at her and pace attention. THe fact that she always kept her eyes facing down was to him not so much shyness as a warning sign. Despite her remarkable beauty he had reasoned out that she was in fact insecure. To his benefit he ALWAYS had to look up, and this afforded him knowledge that few of her other suitors would have had the presence of thought to explore. He knew that her shining green eyes held flecks of sapphire.

"Princess" he said forlornly, a title only he applied " I could lose myself in the oceans of purest green that are your eyes, and take solace in finding myself again in the flecks of blue"

"You noticed" she said shocked " I don't know how seeing as how I have barely made eye contact"

"I notice all things beautiful and since arriving in New Jotun I have noticed only you"

There comes a moment in picking a lock, or cutting the wire on a trap or even when reading a rune on an ancient wall, when one knows This is It. In that moment he knew she was his. Unfortunately there was a certain matter of perspective. Several minutes of embarrasment later they paused and realized that certain things were not meant to be. Marilius refused to show defeat and in a flash of inspiration he boldly wrote a note to the Ambassador's butler...a simple request that made all the difference.

The Ambassador's daughter requests two potions from the larder. Please bring with haste a potion of Enlarge Person and a Potion of Reduce Person.