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    The one in Markien

    With Green Morningstar it took Amanda far less then the 9 days Carolinus spoke of. Also aboard the beautiful enigma were Vanara and Warden Thorn. Like all Wardens Thorn was huge and beautiful and bore the bronze sigil of Carolinus upon his forehead, it glinted often in the sunlight as the airship sped to Sanctuary. Thorn was friendly but spoke little unless spoken to. The inherit honesty of the man made it clear he had taken a disliking to Vanara, but once again he had said nothing.

    Near nightfall of the second night a large settlement came into view. It caused Thorn to splutter in amazement. 'That's Hub. With a good horse it would have taken me almost a week to get this far. I knew we were going fast, but I hadn't realised...' He looked about him, as if seeing Green Morningstar for the first time, amazement plastered over a huge wondering smile.

    'Amazing. Amanda, your vessel is amazing. We'll reach Sanctuary tomorrow for sure.' he stepped toward the rail. 'I am told Haramhold is god of making. Maybe you will find this interesting.
    'Most of the settled tribes have adopted the style of Sanctuary in the aspect of their buildings, soon you will see why.
    'Not the Alagoth though. Before coming here they were nomadic, they took great pride in the number of their horses, the size of their wagons. The Wheel was their tribal fetish, so these huge wagons had even larger wheels.
    Settling has not been easy for them. But Markien cannot sustain such a lifestyle, so for the protection of Carolinus they have become farmers and craftsmen. But they said they would never forget their roots.'

    Hub was directly below now. From above Amanda instantly recognised it's shape. The Alagoth had built five walls outward from a central point and they encircled the whole with a great stone circle. It looked exactly like a huge stone wheel. Between the spokes resided the wooden dwellings of the Alagoth . Architecture centered on wooden columns and carved capitalstones was uniform amid the smallest to the largest buildings. Flowers and tees bloomed indoors and out, gardens hanging from timber arboretums in every plaza and large buildings. Patios and agoras were everywhere. The feel of the yurt and the tabernacle of the caravan was somehow maintained even among the looming stone walls. 'They don't have interior rooms, just thick carpets hung on taut cords. Scenes on either side decorate the temporary rooms and dictate the uses of the spaces within. They are a fascinating people. Suddenly there was an air of gloom about Thorn. 'Normally over two thousand people would be below us. Now it's closer to seven hundred cripples and children. Every able body is involved in the war effect. It's almost a ghost town' he sighed 'The war has changed all of us, I fear what this change might mean for the Alagoth.'

    He said no more, leaving Amanda to wonder at the strategic value of such a series of walls as Vanara's dispassionate and disturbing eyes loomed down at Hub.


    The next day they sighted Sanctuary. The first thing they beheld was a huge marble statue of a stately and powerful looking older man atop a magnificently wrote throne that somehow still seem dwarfed by the one upon it. 'Baz'Auran. He who watches upon us all.' Thorn made a quick hand symbol before the disk on his head 'Carolinus is not god of Markien. We Wardens obey him because we are his hands. The people obey him because he is their lord and protector. But he never allowed us to worship him. He directed our worship to his father, so it is to Baz'Auran that we give our worship. Up close you will see... No best I let you see yourselves.'

    Next they saw the Dawn Palace, countless columns of shining white marble and gold shimmering in the morning sun. 'There is our destination. The prophet is eager to speak with you both.'

    Soon they saw the rest of Sancutary. Fleets of fishing boats floated idle in a huge dock overlooking a great lake. A great canal ran from the Dawn Palace to the great lake, on it vessels of many shapes also were left idle. The buildings were constructed from marbles of many different hues. Universally great columns with decorated capitalstones were used, holding up ornate roofs that surrounded agoras filled with statues and ornaments.

    Soon, when they were closer to the great statue of Baz'Auran, they saw what Thorn had almost told them. Tiny before the great statue was another statue, a lifesize rendering of Carolinus on bent knee before his father. The deliberate counterpoint made him seem absurdly dwarfed.

    Soon they docked outside the Dawn Palace, the prophet was already waiting for them.
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