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    Default Re: The Blackwood - A Folkloric "Mini" Setting (WIP, PEACH)

    I just had some great ideas for RP in Koss.

    The Land of Winter and Summer
    In Summer,
    Champions advance,
    Merchants load their carts,
    Fathers tend their flocks,
    And Kings act with courage.
    All is in harmony,
    And Life swells with days of plenty.

    In Winter,
    Castellans bar their gates,
    Craftsmen bend to the forge,
    Gurus cast their eyes inward,
    And Kings steep themselves in counsel.
    All is in harmony,
    And Life recedes into days of rest.

    Summer is a time of the body. It is a time to shed clothing, and to labor in preparation of the coming Winter. Like the mountains, it is a time to train oneself in strength and discipline, to prepare for the hard times ahead. Kossians rely on their Summer Champions, who represent each village in the duels to win resources and honor.

    But then the snow comes. Crops fail, sheep die, and all must bid farewell the warmth of sunshine, and conserve themselves for Winter's cold.

    Winter is a time of the mind. A time to cease labor, to find shelter, and to contemplate the inner landscape. Like the stars of the nights when the heavens are open to the coldest winds of infinity, it is time to open oneself to the vast reaches of the sky. Every village treasures its Winter Gurus, who walk the Night Pathways, and bring back the wisdom of their travels.

    But then the snow melts, and the cycle begins again.

    All Kossians--even the simplest of peasants--try to incorporate the tenets of Winter and Summer into their lives. Balance of the forces is exceedingly rare, but it is highly-prized when it comes to fruition. Summer Champions and Winter Gurus are the exemplars of the forces of life in Koss, and they draw from the power of the warm earth and the cold sky. It is said that the Mountains will lead the path to the Heavens, and that the Heavens will shelter the Earth from harm. Each village has its Summer Champion and its Winter Guru, and the two often travel together, seeking serenity and perfection, and playing a large part in the political world of the Dual Kingdoms of Koss in the process.
    I picture Koss being ideally situated for two-person campaigns of exploration to places of great spiritual power in the realm. The Winter Gurus would be like wizard stand-ins, and they would make astral projection walking meditations to these locations to learn wisdom to teach to their villages. Meanwhile, their bodies walk the parallel steps in the mundane world, and they must be guarded from harm by the Summer Champions, who brave elements and dangerous beasts to keep their beloved Gurus safe. However, the Gurus may interact with the mundane world while on their journeys, and call great power down from the skies to aid the Champions that protect them. Together, they form an unbreakable bond between mind and body, braving the depths of dual wildernesses for the good of their people.

    How cool does that sound? A holy man making a mountain pilgrimage via planar travel and wielding giant whips and swords made of galaxies and nebulas, and the stalwart warrior who guards him from the beasts and hazards of the real world? A story that takes place in two parallel dimensions that have a certain amount of overlap? Gameplay would heavily feature moralistic storytelling. It seems like a cool way to represent a "high-magic" world to me.

    I drew inspiration from those colorful Hindu Paintings and the season 2 finale of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    Class Blurbs
    If I were to represent this in a lightweight system like WR&M, I'd make sure to describe the classes available to adventures. Probably by giving them an inherent ability, like this:

    Summer Champions: When they begin an Astral Quest, Summer Champions channel the very spirit of Summer. For the duration of their quest, Summer Champions walk in the height of a summer noon. They do not see, or feel the colds of the mountains, and even the fiercest blizzard becomes nothing more than gale winds at summer's height.

    Winter Gurus: When they begin an Astral Quest, Winter Gurus welcome in the eternal depths of Winter. For the duration of their quest, Winter Gurus travel through the clearest winter midnight. The stars suffuse them with perfect cold, and no wintry depths can oppose them.
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