Truse had noticed the pidgeotto.

He always was noticing eagles, hawks, pretty much anything that happened to be in the air. Those took precedence over rocks or anything.

Now that said, his aerial paranoia availed him none, as the blast of air hit him firmly. Again came the usual feeling of his body warping as if he was made of clay before snapping back to normal. Urgh. Now he stared up, a bit concerned.

Douglas was honestly surprised he managed to keep his footing despite rocks. He glanced up to note Truse flinch from the hit - but also noticed that there were now others who likely were going to obtain the flying pokemon's full attention.

Summarily, he kept an eye out about the battlefield for a moment, focusing on looking around.


A few questions thrown into the OOC topic.

Truse: 67/84
Douglas: 72/92