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Of course! Anytime, Just...let me talk to whoever at the door...sleep. Goodnight. Marty moves to open the door.
He'll see Elio standing at the door, his expression full of concern. "Hello Marty."

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The halfling laughs good-naturedly. Both!
Claudius Hark narrows his eyes down at Romeo. What? His eyes are dark and his voice is a deep bass sound. I have a life of power and control, I don't have time for fun boy. I am disappointing with the people of the Nexus....soon though, the prophet Frolty shall spread the light of Beatra and this world will be completed. Remember, you are being judged, all your life. The gods are harsh in their judgement, but I have made a point to never sin, as should you!
How did this turn from small talk to a lecture on piety? Ah, well. It's not something Romeo isn't used to. In the old days he would have just done his best to look cowed, and nod, but two years with a kooky old wizard... "Ray of sunshine, this one," he says aside to the blind halfling. "Pardon, your Excellency, but why would Frolty come to Nexus? Why not your religion's home dimension, where your goddess has actual clout?"