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He'll see Elio standing at the door, his expression full of concern. "Hello Marty."

ER...Elio? Hello? He looks tired, but will reach out to shake his friends hand.

How did this turn from small talk to a lecture on piety? Ah, well. It's not something Romeo isn't used to. In the old days he would have just done his best to look cowed, and nod, but two years with a kooky old wizard... "Ray of sunshine, this one," he says aside to the blind halfling. "Pardon, your Excellency, but why would Frolty come to Nexus? Why not your religion's home dimension, where your goddess has actual clout?"
Because, he will right the wrongs in this world too! He will bring about an awakening that will stretch across all generations, destroying evil and sin!

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Thank you... love... T'rissylene climbs slowly under the covers of the bed and drops off almost immediately. The poor girl really is tired. Her hand is out o the covers though, clutching the ring with her and Mart's names on it. Marty will probably notice it.
He does not, seeing as Elio distracts him. Goodnight....

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Ooooh! The halfling chuckles again, and snaps his fingers. A large mist fills the air, and begins to solidify. Need some ice for that burn? Then the halfling does something strange.

Even though he's blind, he pats Romeo direct;y on the back.

Huh. Wonder how that works?
Bah! Little halfling! Small, vulgar, insignificant peasant. Do not address me, lest I lose my temper!