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ER...Elio? Hello? He looks tired, but will reach out to shake his friends hand.
"Marty," he starts, accepting the handshake. "I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but a drow clan has put up a bounty on a woman named Trissylene, and they believe she is here. I figured you might be in danger, so I came to check up."

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Ooooh! The halfling chuckles again, and snaps his fingers. A large mist fills the air, and begins to solidify. Need some ice for that burn? Then the halfling does something strange.

Even though he's blind, he pats Romeo directly on the back.

Huh. Wonder how that works?
Not too hard to guess where a guys back is after talking to him. It's not like Romeo has moved.

Because, he will right the wrongs in this world too! He will bring about an awakening that will stretch across all generations, destroying evil and sin!

Bah! Little halfling! Small, vulgar, insignificant peasant. Do not address me, lest I lose my temper!
"That's sort of admirable, I guess." Romeo rather politely refrains from bringing up how he doubts they'll actually get rid of evil. "But let's stay civil, you two. We didn't mean to hurt your feelings, your excellency. There's no need to be insulting." He has a very sincere looking smile on his face as he speaks with the Archbishop.