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    Quote Originally Posted by ThirdEmperor View Post
    "Well, you're lying." Tom, as ever, is just the epitome of tact. "That is, I happen to be undead myself and...... Words peter out, replaced by puzzlement as Tom notices something odd going on. Puzzlement becomes horror as he raises a hand to his face and sees the flesh peeling away, the skin splitting like gum stretched too thin and falling away like old plaster.

    This horror is in no way assuaged as Tom begins feeling his face itself, praying to whatever foreign gods he believes in that it is somehow unharmed, only for his fingers to sink right through the putrid, jelly-like mass that his eye has decayed into.

    And before he was so well preserved for a decades old corpse...

    So this is where Tom has been pushed too damn far, inciting a flicker of actual emotion from the lethargic undead. Well, more than a flicker. Much more. The last remnant of his human life is rotting away thanks to these bastards and Tom is steamed. With a worldless scream of anger he hurls himself at the nearest brother, moving in a blur as he tries to tackle Aladar to the ground and pin him there.
    Quote Originally Posted by LOTRfan View Post
    Oh, joy! Combat! Quite honestly, the man in the goofy pseudo-Canadian military uniform has no idea about how undead things work. But the fact that these two corrupted poor Tom's form is enough for him. He unlatches his rifle from a special holding bag on his back in a swift motion that ends with the gun's safety being switched off and the gun pointed at Fenghar. At the same time, a skin-tight forcefield begins to form around his body. He'll attempt to do the same for Tom, but he doesn't know how exactly his psionic powers would effect Tom, if they would at all.

    On him, however, it provides a higher level of protection strong enough to stop most forms of light arms fire. Anything stronger than that will probably be able to burst through it with little difficulty.
    "Hmmm...he didn't see it," Fenghar says telepathically.
    "Maybe he's lying."
    "Or maybe...only certain types of undead creatures can smell it."

    "It's unfortunate that you don't believe us," Fenghar says, Aladar casting a spell that'd turn the brothers and the bodies invisible which would allow them to escape whilst Fenghar moves in front of Aladar, grabs one of the bodies and attempts to kick Tom to the side and hold to body in front of him just in case the man with the rifle decided to make a move.
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