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Question: Are there actual cases of green flames comming from the ground? I think it looks quite cool, but do things like that actually exist? The only thing remotely similar that I know is the Door to Hell in Turmenistan, which is a collapsed methane drilling project that was ignited to prevent the gas from mixing with the atmosphere. However, it is a man made gas leak, consist of only a single hole, and burns red.
Is it possible to have small green flames sprad over a large area?

Green fire can be made by mixing Zinc and sulphur so any zinc heavy mineral region with volcanic activity could easily be a good reason for green fire.
I'd say look into Will-o-the-Wisps, which is methane gas released by decomposing plants in marshes. This methane can be lit by the phosphine (PH3) and diphosphane (P2H4) contaminants which ignite when they make contact with the air. Methane burns with a blue-ish light, but with other impurities it can easily emit a green light instead.