Who am I?

Who am I?

My thoughts float in a fog, and I swim through my mind, trying to reach them, until there is a scent that puts all thoughts aside.

Salome. That name is burned into my heart. My beloved. My Mistress. I reach for her at once, and the next few hours disappear in a haze of bliss.

When I am aware again, she is trying to help me up. "Come, Mistress. I must show you the temple."

"But you are my Mistress,"
I insist in confusion.

Who am I?

"Yes, I am your Mistress. So when I call you Mistress, you must allow it," Salome tells me playfully.

I can make no argument. The sacrifice ensured that I was bound to her will. I remember the sacrifice, my heart beating faster and faster, the fear as I felt death approaching, and Salome's whispered assurances that she would be waiting for me on the other side.

I remember all this, but not who I am.

I try to attend to Salome's words, but the strands of Warp keep distracting me with their beauty.

I remember the Warp. The Palace of Pleasure. My Lord Slaanesh.

"Mistress, you must attend! We must be prepared to defend the temple," Salome tells me.

"Is there war?"
I ask.

"No. But there was a Priestess of the Inquisition seen, wielding fire against a heretic. We must be alert."

My claws extend, making me aware for the first time that I possess claws, and I hiss angrily. "We will find her and tear out her heart," I say. Then I correct myself. "No, we will capture her alive, show her the beauty of the Dark Prince first, and then consume her."

I realize that I thirst for her blood.

Who am I?

Then Salome brings me before the Lady Jezebel, and the two of us, as one, drop to our knees in worship.

Jezebel cups my chin and looks into my eyes. "Ah, Xifra. You look beautiful."

Xifra. I was Xifra.

I remember a few flashes of my life, and only a few are needed. Xifra. The name that means 'nobody'. The curse that made me nobody to anyone. The wizard who found me and made me into someone. The Objects. The Serpent's Gaze. Juan. Jezebel.


There are memories missing, and some instinct tells me that these memories are actually gone rather than hidden in fog. Something about my beautiful Mistress - yes, Our Lord Slaanesh had removed certain memories from both of us.

They must have been terrible for him to do that, and I thank him in silent prayer.

"How do you feel, Xifra?"
Jezebel asks. I look up at her, returned to the present, and marvel that I matter to such a magnificent angel.

I struggle for words, trying to pull them from fog. But there is only the one question I cannot shake. "... Who am I?"

The answer comes from Salome, who drags me close with her tail, grabs a fistful of hair, and hisses in my ear. "Mine."

The Warp shimmers around me. The answer is true, and it is enough.

I love my Mistress.