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    Default Re: 30+ New Dragons (more true dragons than the draconomicon)

    Kraken Dragon
    Dragon (Water)
    Environment: Any aquatic.
    Organization: Solitary, pod (2-5), brood (6-30 immature).
    Challenge Rating: Wyrmling 1/4; very young 3; young 4; juvenile 7; young adult 9; adult 12; mature adult 14; old 17; very old 19; ancient 21; wyrm 23; great wyrm 25.
    Treasure: Juvenile or younger Standard; young adult or adult double standard.
    Alignment: Usually Neutral Evil.
    Found in the western sea, the kraken dragon is a terror to those who try to sail around the Badlands. Oddities amongst dragon kind, kraken dragons are quite small at birth despite growing to sizes rivaling even the greatest of red dragons. Kraken dragons are also surprisingly fecund, giving birth to hundred if not thousands of children at once. These wyrmlings are born alive, though it is my belief that they do go through an egg phase while still within the mother and are not true live births, and small enough to be held in one-hand ranging at birth from three to six inches in length. These wyrmlings lack several abilities associated with newly born true dragons, they cannot yet use their breath weapons, they cannot fly, and they are mentally little more than animals mentally less developed than white dragons. In fact a new born wyrmling is incapable of communicating in draconic for at least their first year and sometimes longer. These wyrmlings feed on plankton, shrimp, and other small ocean creatures, and are themselves fed upon by large fish and sharks.
    Kraken dragons grow swiftly, though, and by the time they have reached the very young stage they are well on their way to becoming predators in their own right. By adulthood they have respectable power, though are still weaker than many dragons. Part of this weakness comes from their natural magic. Where most dragons are capable of wielding the full primal power of sorcery, kraken dragonsí magic tends towards the subtler arts of enchantment and illusion and the magic of the songspinners. In fact their predilection for song is reflected in other aspects of their nature, as even before adulthood they have master the ability to sing tempting songs to lead sailors and other prey to them. Despite their lack of long term child care, kraken dragons are capable of long term relationships and friendships. It is not uncommon for small groups of siblings to continue to work together even into adulthood, forming bonds which last more than the lifespan of elves and which makes them truly to feared by sailors for while one dragon is dangerous, five are a threat to even the greatest heroes. Kraken dragons typically mate for life, if a kraken dragon keeps a draconic mate for only a few decades then their parting was unlikely to be peaceful. This even extends into dealings with charismatic humans. Kraken dragons often take humanoid form and have been known to form relationships which last till their mate dies as his short-lived human body fails under strain of its own age. Many of the bards born near the western Badlands on Masor are thought to have kraken dragon heritage. Other lovers are not as lucky, being taken away from the human lands by their draconic ďbelovedĒ and held effectively prisoner for the rest of their lives which may be cut short if the dragon grows bored of them. While a kraken dragon is capable of great love and great loyalty, they are full of the passion and jealousy of evil dragons and the desire control and mastery.
    Physically kraken dragons have smooth, fish-like scales of bright reds and blues. They have streamlined heads and even their claws have been modified to more spear like shapes to lower the resistance encountered with water. When not in use their great, bat-like wings, fold tight against their bodies to minimize their own interference with a kraken dragonís watery lifestyle. Their names, though, come from the tentacles they have in place of their hind legs; instead of the four legs common to most dragons they have only the two front limbs before their wings and ten tentacles which sprout from their lower body and are used to control their swimming. Their heads, long and torpedo shaped, also have six small tentacles which hang over their mouths and which they use to grab onto prey and guide it into their maw. Gills cover the sides of their long necks, the number increasing with age from three per side as a wyrmling to over thirty amongst the oldest great wyrms.
    On their supernatural features kraken dragons are closer to the norm. While they possess some unique features, such as their breath weapon and ability to bestow water breathing on others, they progress in resistance to weapons at the most normal rate and mainly show certain natural powers with enchantment. A kraken dragonís breath weapon is not a devastating blast of energy which destroys its foeís bodies but a devastating wave of mind-shredding power. This cone can be seen, a ripple of blue-green through the water or air, and is as physically real as lightning or fire or the freezing vapors of the white dragon, but it is unique in its semi-mental form. They also have their captivating songs, which have the haunting beauty of the sea which calls men to it even as its fickle nature and deadly storms send them to their watery graves. They also maintain a suite of innate magical abilities which can be catalogued and connected to their age without significant change, several powers to charm others and the power to control the weather bending it to a storm or calming the sea.
    -Zasper the dragon sage.

    {table]Age| Size| Hit Dice | Str| Dex| Con| Int| Wis| Cha| BAB/Grp| Atk| Fort| Ref| Will| Breath Weapon Damage| Breath Weapon DC| Frightful Presence
    Wyrmling| D| 1d12 (6 hp) | 11| 10| 11| 4| 13| 12| +1/-7| +5| +2| +2| +3| -| 10|-
    Very Young| T| 5d12+5 (37 hp) | 13| 10| 13| 8| 13| 14| +5/+2| +8| +5| +4| +5| 2d6| 14|-
    Young | S| 8d12+16 (68 hp) | 15| 10| 15| 10| 15| 16| +8/+6| +11| +8| +6| +8| 6d6| 17|-
    Juvenile| M| 12d12+36 (114 hp) | 19| 10| 17| 10| 15| 18| +12/+16| +16| +11| +8| +10| 8d8| 20|-
    Young Adult| M| 15d12+45 (142 hp) | 21| 10| 17| 12| 17| 20| +15/+20| +20| +13| +9| +13| 10d8| 22|22
    Adult| L| 19d12+76 (199 hp) | 25| 10| 19| 12| 17| 22| +19/+30| +25| +16| +11| +15| 12d8| 25|25
    Mature Adult| L| 22d12+110 (253 hp) | 29| 10| 21| 14| 19| 24| +22/+35| +30| +19| +13| +18| 14d8| 28|28
    Old | H| 26d12+156 (325 hp) | 33| 10| 23| 14| 21| 26| +26/+45| +35| +22| +16| +21| 16d8| 31|31
    Very Old| H| 29d12+203 (391 hp) | 35| 10| 25| 16| 21| 28| +29/+49| +39|+24| +17| +22| 18d8| 33| 33
    Ancient| G| 33d12+264 (478 hp) | 39| 10| 27| 16| 23| 30| +33/+59| +43| +27| +19| +25| 20d8| 36|36
    Wyrm | G|36d12+324 (558 hp) | 41| 10| 29| 18| 23| 32| +36/+63| +47| +30| +21| +27| 22d8| 39|39
    Great Wyrm | C| 40d12+400 (660 hp) | 45| 10| 31| 20| 25| 34| +40/+73| +49| +32| +22| +29| 24d8| 42| 42 [/table]
    {table]Age |Speed |Init |AC |SR |Special Abilities |Spellcasting
    Wyrmling | swim 40-ft|+0 |15 (+4 size, +1 natural) |- |Immunity to mind-affecting effects, improved grab, Water Breathing| -
    Very Young |5-ft, fly 40-ft (average), swim 60-ft|+0 |16 (+2 size, +4 natural) |- |Jet|-
    Young |20-ft, fly 60-ft (average), swim 60-ft|+0 |18 (+1 size, +7 natural) |- |Alternate Form, Major Image|1st
    Juvenile|20-ft, fly 80-ft (poor), swim 60-ft|+0 |20 (+11 natural) |- |Captivating Song |3rd
    Young Adult |30-ft, fly 100-ft (poor), swim 60-ft|+0 |24 (+14 natural) | 17|DR 5/magic, tentacles|5th
    Adult |30-ft, fly 120-ft (poor), swim 80-ft|+0 |27 (-1 size, +18 natural) | 20|Charm Monster, Bestow Water Breathing|7th
    Mature Adult |30-ft, fly 120-ft (poor), swim 80-ft|+0 |30 (-1 size, +21 natural) | 22|DR 10/magic, Control Weather |9th
    Old |30-ft, fly 120-ft (poor), swim 80-ft|+0 |33 (-2 size, +25 natural) | 25|Capsize, Mirage Arcana|11th
    Very Old |30-ft, fly 120-ft (poor), swim 80-ft|+0 |36 (-2 size, +28 natural) | 27|DR 15/magic|13th
    Ancient |40-ft, fly 150-ft (clumsy), swim 100-ft|+0 |38 (-4 size, +32 natural) | 29| Mass Charm Monster |15th
    Wyrm |40-ft, fly 150-ft (clumsy), swim 100-ft|+0 |41 (-4 size, +35 natural) | 31|DR 20/magic|17th
    Great Wyrm |40-ft, fly 150-ft (clumsy), swim 120-ft|+0 |41 (-8 size, +39 natural) | 33|Monstrous Thrall|19th[/table]

    Natural Weapons: As a diminutive dragon, a wyrmling kraken dragon does not have the full array of natural weapons available to older dragons. It instead has a single bite attack dealing 1d3 damage with a reach of 0-ft.

    Improved Grab (Ex): A kraken dragon which successfully hits a creature up to 1 size category larger than it with its bite attack can attempt to start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity or requiring a melee touch attack.

    Water Breathing (Ex): A kraken dragon may breathe water as easily as air and may make use of its breath weapon while underwater.

    Breath Weapon (Su): A kraken dragon has a single breath weapon a cone of mind-rending energy. This energy deals the listed damage and allows a Will save for half. It is considered a mind-affecting effect. Unlike most breath weapons a kraken dragonís breath weapon uses Charisma to determine its saving throw DC.

    Jet (Ex): A very young or older kraken dragon may, as part of a run action, move up to 10 times its normal swim speed while underwater or 6 times its normal fly speed. Once a kraken dragon has done so it may not do so again for 1 minute.

    Alternate Form (Su): 3/day a young or older kraken dragon may assume the form of a small or medium humanoid or animal with an aquatic environment as a standard action. It may maintain this form for as long as desired and returning to its natural form does not expend a use of this ability.

    Captivating Song (Su): A juvenile or older kraken dragon may sing a song of haunting beauty that calls those who hear it towards the dragon. Any creature which can hear the dragon must make a Will save (DC is charisma based, so same DC as frightful presence or breath weapon) or be compelled to move towards it by the quickest means possible. They must spend every action possible moving towards the dragon or attempting to remove impediments preventing them from doing so and will use limited use magic items or abilities (such as spells) to move closer more quickly. A creature may make another saving throw every five rounds or each round they are adjacent to the dragon. This is a mind-affecting effect.
    A kraken dragon may choose to grant certain creatures immunity to this effect for one hour, doing so requires the dragon to touch them and takes a full-round action. A kraken dragon may also use this ability as part of a performance, in which case in addition to having its standard effect the dragon also gains a +2 racial bonus to its Perform (Song) check per age category it has attained.

    Tentacles (Ex): A young adult or older kraken dragonís tentacles have developed to such an extent that they may more easily restrain large creatures and aid it in grappling. When grappling a creature the kraken dragon gains a bonus based on the lower of the kraken dragon and the creatureís sizes as shown on the table below.
    Small or smaller|+0

    Bestow Water Breathing (Su): A young adult or older kraken dragon may suffer 1 point of Constitution damage to grant another creature the ability to breathe water. To do so the dragon must touch the target and spend a full-round action. This ability last indefinitely, but while this ability is active the Constitution damage the kraken dragon dealt itself cannot be healed by any means.

    Capsize (Ex): A submerged kraken dragon that surfaces under a boat or ship has a chance to capsize the vessel based upon its own and the vesselís size.
    {table]Dragon Size|<20-ft|20-60-ft|>60-ft
    *: Vessel may instead remain completely on the dragonís back.

    Spellcasting: A kraken dragon casts spells as a bard of the listed level. In addition to spells from the bard spell list they may select spells from the Druid spell list, and the Water, Blackwater, Ocean, and Storm domain lists as if they were bard spells of the same level.

    Spell-like Abilities: 3/day: Major Image (young or older), Charm Monster (adult or older), Mirage Arcana (old or older); 1/day: Control Weather (mature adult or older), Mass Charm Monster (ancient or older); 1/week Monstrous Thrall (great wyrm).

    Skills: In addition to the class skills common to all true dragons, kraken dragons treat Perform, Swim, and Disguise as class skills. A kraken dragon gains a racial bonus on Perform (Song) checks equal to the number of age categories it has attained.
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