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    Name: Vesa Landers (formerly known as "Black Irukandji")
    Age: 25
    Race: Human Revenant
    Appearance: Vesa is a fairly attractive girl, slender and rather pale, with silvery hair reaching to her shoulderblades. Her eyes are the dull greenish-grey of a stormy sea, and her frame is somewhat lanky. She has a small cableport at the back of her neck, which is usually covered by a plug (and her hair).
    She almost always is wearing her armorsuit, as described below, but on occasion can be found out of it---in this case, she can be found in average clothing like dull jeans and long-sleeved tops, generally in shades of grey.

    Enhancements/Armorsuit: Vesa wears a dark grey bodysuit with boots and gloves. Over that, she wears a kama (halfskirt/buttcape/etc) that reaches below the knee. This hides a small hover unit that allows her to glide a meter or two off the ground (actual flight is not supported by it). On her head is a sort of inverted bowl-like structure referred to as a "bell" (i.e. part of cnidarian anatomy) around 2 feet in diameter and 6 inches at its deepest, such that much of her head is hidden within it; on the front, back, and each side is a camera eye. In each section between the eyes, there are 3 Sensacles (explained below) making a total of 12.
    Spoiler: Sensacles
    Sensacles are tentacle-like projections somewhat thinner than a skinny person's forearm. Their standard length is about 10 feet, and their max is around 20. Each ends in a video/audio sensor and a three-fingered claw; these can be used for direct attack, recon, or manipulating objects.
    Since video-audio input from a total of 16 eyes and ears is generally too much for one brain at one time, the system contains brain-linked processors that monitor the excess input and regulate which ones are being actively viewed by Vesa herself. This changes when C-Protocol is activated.

    Spoiler: C-Protocol
    C-Protocol: During this function, Vesa's suit's subprocessors connect directly to her brain, effectively allowing her to actively focus on all 16 total sets of video-audio input from her sensors, thus making her temporarily able to deal with issues literally on all sides.
    The drawback to this is that after C-Protocol deactivates, Vesa undergoes psychological and emotional disturbances.

    Equipment: One normal pistol with magazines and a suppressor. One dart pistol with tranquilizer ammo. Her bodily enhancements give her very good aim.
    She also carries a combat knife, and can be outfitted with small explosive charges to be set by her Sensacles---that was, after all, part of her role as a member of Tempest as Black Irukandji.

    Personality: Vesa retains some parts of her living personality; she is rather cold and withdrawn, quiet and occasionally allowing herself brief moments of wryness. She is disturbed by being in a large crowd, and prefers when her duties keep her away from lots of people.
    Vesa has very little in the way of "mercy"; if her orders are to go deal with that guy over there, she really isn't interested in how he's got 4 kids and he's working 3 jobs. She's interested in whether she's supposed to kill him or not.
    She has some warmth left in her, but the only ones able to drag it out are people from her past as a member of Tempest, namely Red Wolf/Alia and Green Chameleon/Chloe, though the latter has not been seen for a very long time.

    Backstory: Most of Vesa's backstory is unknown, but it is clear that she signed on to be a Revenant at some point, died, and was converted into the cybernetically-enhanced postmortem being she currently is. She was transferred to the Clinic to help with security and observation there.
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