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    Default Re: The Blackwood - A Folkloric "Mini" Setting (WIP, PEACH)

    There is an eerie quiet in this thread lately.

    As much as I wanted to avoid it for the sake of myths, fairy tales, and the "fuzziness" they both take in terms of dates and times, I think I'm going to have to start hashing out a timeline for this world. I may not ever share it, but it's important to me that this world have some sort of internal consistency.

    Also, I've been thinking a lot about the nature of mythic geography. I didn't want this to be a world full of crazy wizards and Ye Old Magick Shoppes on every corner, but at the same time I think it's important for the world to be decidedly mythic. I don't think of this as revamping, necessarily, but my thoughts on how the world ought to be represented have evolved a little, and I think it's important to share them.

    Mythic Geography
    Mount Olympus is a great example of mythic geography. It was this place in the real world that people walked out of their homes and saw every day, and it also happened to be the literal home of their gods. They lived up there, watching over everyone and everything. Mount Sinai is similar; Moses went to the summit to speak to his own god, and came back down with divine lessons for his people.

    Examples of stuff like this abound everywhere, and I think it's right on par with what I'm trying to do with this setting. From now on, there will be places in Genara that are places of deep power and strange happenings.

    In the Blackwood, folk that wander too far from hearth and home become lost. The Wood becomes a tangled mess, and it is said that these depths are the home of elves, and the origin of the Wild Hunt. What is know is that trolls are attracted to the deepest wilderness, and folk that travel too far from settlements do not often return.

    In Koss, there's a mountain summit that sparkles like a star at night, though no one is able to make it to the summit. Legend holds that the Night Lady, a sister to the White Women of Koss and the Blackwood, has made the peak her home.

    In the Petty Kingdoms, Jorthond is the peak atop which Vald sits and watches the labor of humanity. He is guarded by Rond, his shield-thane, and observes the Fates weaving their tapestry. It is said that the spirits of all those who die come to Jorthond to be judged by Vald.
    I haven't thought of anything yet for Cerai or the Duchies, but this is the kind of stuff I'd like to implement.

    Maybe it's not even possible to reach by normal means. In Koss, one has to know the secrets of Winter and Summer, and can only read the glittering peak by walking the hardest road. In the Blackwood, maybe the only way to visit the depths of the wilderness and come back alive is by seeking out someone who's already been there and lived to tell the tale.

    It's fun to think about!
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