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    Quote Originally Posted by SiuiS View Post
    Oh man. Ok.

    I got through three pictures before I burnt out. I'm
    Sorry. I'm just not in a do anything except be silly or physically assault things kinda mood.

    First one, hands. Top right hand, looks about right but the hand itself looks like it should be juuuuust slightly up an to the left. The top left hand looks wavy; having seen all the weird stuff my hand can do when I look at it funny, I'm not surprised. All In all, pretty good. So you recall where the bones in the hand are? Is this knowledge represented in the hand picture?

    Second, dudes at a fire. Better than me so no comment. ;P
    D: I'm sorry SiuiS, I should have realised. I did not pay specific attention to the bones, I was just trying to draw my own hand.

    Tect told me
    You were lookin' for me. If it is time sensitive, try PMs, I have an almost empty inbox. It's currently full of nothing but thanqol's words and my broken dreams. Sorry, Fujiwara...
    Not very time sensitive, I can wait. I would very much like your opinions on the Medium sketches. You can find them all in this specific post higher up on this page. Tect probably forgot what I said I wanted your opinion on, I can't fault him.
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