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Thread: [4e FR] The Five of the Realm - OOC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rausdower View Post
    I know, I figure it'll go without saying at this point.

    And I should have 50 HP until I use Tempered in Blood to auto-use a healing surge once bloodied and my cloak's property to use another on top of it to bring myself to 103 total HP
    Like a Boss that's next turn though, right? Oh, its a free action thing, gotcha. Could you add that to your IC actions for me Raus? That is where I look at for the things you guys do in combat, and don't want to have to flip flop back and forth form the OOC and IC to look for actions. And on a side note...when I play melee, I don't go anywhere without my Cloak of Walking Wounded

    Very good guys. I actually do have a leader lined up if we end up thinking we need them. I did, however, want to see how this fight went and if you guys felt you needed one. If not, then no big deal.....but if you guys feel more comfortable with one, then that is fine as well, I can deal with 6

    Edit: Also, how did...oohhh You don't add your modifiers in your rolls Caleb. Wow that confused my mind lol. Nvm, I got it now. Cool.
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