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    Haven't posted here in a month, and what a slow month it has been. This is the last of the June set, hopefully I'll be able to make some good ones for July. Thanks for the support, I draw for the satisfaction of the viewers. Though, I don't know how NOT to be hard on myself >.>
    Here we are:
    {table]|Part 1 of my two-part mad scientist thing. I wanted to expand this and show the invention process but it never ended up coming out the way I meant it to
    |With the completed Ray Beam! The outfit really is cheesy, but I figured it would be.
    -----------|Below are my Aquatic Week avatars
    |Guys, look! It's Tetra! Now the second avatar I've made of a character who can talk to Link without seemingly being physically present!
    |Elemental's Kelpie Demon-Horse! True Fact: I haven't tried to draw a horse for at least two years (possibly longer!)
    |This is Zaydos's Deep-Trench Dragon, and further proof that my non-OotS avatars still need some work >.> I just hope you liked it, Zaydos!
    |I made an Ice Fisher version of North Ranger! The hole in the ice came out wonderfully, muey happy with that.
    |This is Tectonic's Sea-King merman that I drew and then used Inkscape magic to make it somewhat decent. Also known as the best hands I have ever drawn ever
    |Kneenibble commented that he had no avatar for Aquatic Week so wasn't going to be participating. I couldn't let this tragedy come to fruition so I made him this!
    |And finally my Gnomish Cecaelia! Got lots of Ursula references from this, but I suppose that was to be expected
    |And here is Mr Moneybags for the Board Game Iron Avatarist Competition! I'm thinking of putting him in a scene running away from Haley and Belkar, but haven't made up my mind[/table]

    So that's my latest collection of creations! Hopefully you found one or two you liked. As always, I'm open to any suggestions or advice or criticisms you may have, and I do take requests for avatars as well. Enjoy!
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