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    New Planetouched Races. Specific planetouched races for Ysgard, Acheron, Elysium, The Grey Waste, The Outlands, Pandemonium, Carceri, Bytopia and the Beastlands.

    Arcane Magic
    A new system for Arcane Magic in D&D, including a sorcerer and wizard base class, several new spells and feats. Also contains a system for ritually casting big utility spells.

    Findelwald's Diseases of the Planes
    The Journal of Findelwald Tungsten, Planar Explorer and Magister of Applied Pathology, in his quest to find, get infected with, cure and describe the most interesting diseases on the planes.

    My homebrew campaign setting. The prime material was destroyed by incomprehensible forces from outside reality, and a thousand years later, survivors in the Aether are rebuilding civilization.

    Lair of the Fleshweaver and Revenge of the Fleshweaver. A homebrew project I ran where people would give me animals to combine into one weird hybrid creature.

    True Elementals
    Air, Earth, Fire and Water elementals redone to have more interesting special abilities and some personality.

    Ur, the Elemental Earth
    A new special material and a few magic items based on it.
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