18 suggestions! It's a deluge!

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Drowning rules? I feel like drowning rules qualify.
Right you are, and in they go!

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If we're allowing Pathfinder material here, how about Antagonize? Mind-control your enemies with a laughably easy skill check as a standard action at-will.
Ehh, why not. It's in.

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Needs moar truenamer.
Fair enough, although I'd prefer a tighter entry (IMO, not all of truenamer is ill-written, just one of the lexicons, one or both of the Laws, the check scaling.... )

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Any of the feats which don't do anything by RAW; Ride-by attack is the only one I remember.

Iron Heart Surge deserves first place & the polymorph line second, but those feats should come in down the list.

I suggest the polymorph line should take up only one place BTW.
All of these are in. Note: I interpreted your priorities as indicating max votes (3) for IHS and increased votes (2) for the polymorph line. If that's incorrect, please let me know; I don't want to resort to judgment calls much.

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I second all of truenamer. Then add a vote for the feat entry requirements for Invisible Blade (really?), and then finally add a vote for all of CW Samurai.
Another "entire class" entry, I see. Any possibility of cutting that down?

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I'm really wanting to say Candle Of Invocation as the default response, but I think the Ex vs Su vs SLA rules have to take the cake just for how common they are. It says everything is one of those let fails to specify many abilities. Leads to many of the problems with Polymorph in general.
Both are added.

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Divine metamagic in general.

Either fighter or wizard, depending on where on the tier ranking you like to play.
From my perspective, neither Fighter nor Wizard are exactly badly written in isolation; their imbalance comes from the nature of feats vs. spells. But, you know, it's a matter of perspective I guess.

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It's not a feat, but you could include Trap Sense, the thing that gives you a dodge bonus to AC versus traps, which are usually hitting you while you're flat-footed and thus don't get a dodge bonus.
Ah, I remember that.

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No one has said the planar bubble from planar shepherd yet? its bad writing is what allowed that whole 10:1 time flow thing to happen
Hey, the thread's only been going for a few hours!

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Anything that allows you to become a Genie and grant yourself Wishes probably qualifies too.
Yes, but more specifically?

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What's the name again of that third-level spell that drops an enemy's dexterity by 3d6? Surely, one-shotting dragons at level 5 is well written
Shivering touch. In it goes!

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You would be horrified by what can be done by having an nigh-infinite supply of warm, breathing chickens to feed into your spells, particularly as you can take out what amounts to an infinite supply instantly, (free action to draw an item, free actions can be done by RAW an infinite number of times in one turn...)
Is this an official vote for the wretchedness of Chicken-Infested?

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Well, there's Precocious Apprentice, which up until now was a topic of debate for early PrC entry. Some say it contradicts itself and is really poorly worded.

Also, what about the Dead condition as being poorly defined too?

Another one: damage based on weight(wth) and carrying capacity exppnentially strength-dependent, which leads to hulking hurlers literally throwing the whole ground/mountain/planet.

Lastly, just ranting on Setting Sun's Hydra Slaying Strike, although it's more of false advertising than borkenness.
I don't know about the last personally, but the others are familiar to me.

I'm amused to see a ton of suggestions but not much agreement yet; no one has even come close to using up their 10 votes, and only one person has felt strongly enough to put 3 on one. Anyway, I've updated the list, so on we go!