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    Default Re: Top Ten Worst-Written Spells, Class Features, Racial Abilities, Feats, Items, etc

    Yeah, that earlier post was a vote for chicken infested.
    Also, th' accursed crab.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kurald Galain View Post
    Scratch Cancer Mage, I actually meant Tainted Scholar.
    Nope, cancer-mage +festering anger is still broken. 2+ strength per day = approx. 718 strength after one year.

    Also, could you use a candle of invocation to summon a lawful-good Balor? seems legit.

    I don't think Shivering Touch is broken: Just that it needs to be much higher in level. There are other-ways to oneshot a dragon, (save-or-dies) and it needs to be in line with those.
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    "In his free time, he gates in Balors just so he can kill and eat them later!"