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    Quote Originally Posted by Mutant Sheep View Post
    Is there still the weekly thing? Or is this officially a post-your-replay thread? (I'm not complaining. These are some sweet plays to watch.)
    I was under the impression noone went to them, so I stopped posting that such occurs. I figured it was a waste of time in the summer months from what was going on.

    *edit* Just watch the Thorship replay. I feel like if he had that thor + medivac for the push he would have won, or at least made it to your hatch.

    Only criticizing I have for you play Kyu is you had an overlord over his nat so you could see only a couple of marines had even tried to make it down to the bunker but you had so many drones trying to kill it forever. All you had to do was reposition the spine crawler between where the marines would come from and the bunker and they would have no chance to make it. So you could have just waited for the lings. Especially since you had scouted him and knew he had gas with a rax in the base so really couldn't afford to have another rax. Noone macha rax and gets gas.

    That said I wouldn't have noticed and would have done the same dang thing :D
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