Douglas noted the increase in enemy pokemon and people. Yikes, these guys really weren't playing around... they must've felt particularly threatened.

Or, possibly and less pleasantly, maybe this is just a small fraction of what was about to be happening.

Either way, they'd waited until after the beast had presumably gone. That was helpful information for shortly as it meant that the pokemon probably wasn't fully controlled even by them.

Truse also had noticed the increase in enemy pokemon and people, and was as usual a lot more practical with the information. He interposed himself between Douglas and an encoming assault, returning the breeder to the present and not the future. Right. Good thing that bulk up had happened - Truse was now quite sturdy.

Thus, his attention turned to the others in the group, to ensure they were in good shape. He patted his machoke on the shoulder as he did so, elicting a smirk as the response.