"No. You're forgetting Vierzt. Which means we're either quadruplets or, as is significantly more likely, a bizarre genetic experiment by the drows." That's the only explanation Nixa has, anyways.

"Not that it matters much. All you need know is that I believe that if Akoraun is so idiotic as to get himself nabbed, he can suffer the consequences." Which is not how she feels. She really does want to help. It's her own planet, her own brother, by all means she should already be there, trying to get him back. But this wasn't some irritating lordling or prince she could fry on his 'throne', but a mindflayer who knows her exact weaknesses, who was an expert at cracking into minds and tearing around thoughts and emotions. She had to play this carefully. "Of course, if you rounded up a few people to take over... if I knew there was no way this could fail... if I had a promise sealed in blood that you wouldn't leave anyone, especially not me, in the hands of that creature, then I could perhaps take you there."