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    Calendar of the Three Worlds:
    The Three Worlds functions on an Earth-like calendar with 12 months which are 30 days each, a 28 day lunar cycle, and weeks divided into 7 days.

    The Months:
    {table]Name|Masor|Alli'ur|Hondaro|the 4th World

    The Zodiac of Months:

    Even on a world of magic like the Three Worlds astrology is far from perfect. These signs have little, or no effect, on the vast majority of those born under them, but occasionally the spirit of the constellation does impart part of its nature on someone born under it (will be represented by feats once I've made them). For the most part, though, this is simply superstition.
    • Blaidd the Wolf: Marked by the constellation of the wolf in all three worlds, those born in this month are said to be filled with vital energy. Prone to pugnacity they are also thought to have a connection to the natural world and an earthy insight into happenings.
    • Engill the Celestial: Said to share some of the perfection of Upper Planar beings, those born under Engill are said to be talented in a variety of fields, and to excel at what they aim for, but are prone to disastrous vanity and overconfidence.
    • Huskarl the Serpent: Said to grant the gift of foresight and patience. Those born under Huskarl are thought to be clever planners and tacticians capable of managing several plots at once.
    • Cythraul the Fiend: Surprisingly not associated with evil, the sign of the fiend is associated with great physical stamina and strength. Unfortunately it is also said to mark dimwits and fools.
    • Hamra the Hammer: The sign of the hammer is said to bestow those born under it with honesty and an honest desire to serve and protect others. Unfortunately it is also said to come with a short and violent temper.
    • Draigg the Dragon: Associated with avarice and greed, except in the Hallowed Empire, the sign of the dragon has positive aspects as well. If Huskarl is the strategist, Draigg is the tactician. Those born under the dragon are quick-witted, able minded, and calm under pressure though one ought to pay them well.
    • Eryr the Griffon: Associated with a great and cunning intellect, as well as the capability of learning vastly powerful magic, the sign of the griffon is still not considered one of the most beneficial signs. Of course this is due to its downsides, for those under this sign are said to be cursed with social ineptitude and a general lack of companionship. So a man born under the sign of Eryr might grow to be the greatest archmage in his kingdom, but still never manage to woo a wife despite his power and wealth.
    • Dal the Bear: Blessed with common sense and patience with the failings of others, those born under the sign of the bear are considered to be the most stoic of all. Of course their stoicism comes at a cost, when a child of Dal does show emotion it is with the boundless force of a volcano eruption or a hurricane.
    • Cysgwr the Sleeper: A double-edged sign, those born under Cysgwr are sometimes called lazy and other times efficient. It is agreed, though, that they do not care to spend more time at work than necessary. Those born under the sleeper are also said to be experts in the arts of speech and seduction.
    • Leabhar the Book: The sign of learning and erudition, those born under the book are said to be the greatest sages of the Three Worlds. While highly intelligent they are also generally accepted as being absent minded and easily distracted.
    • Coroni the Crown: The sign of emotion, those born under the Crown are said to be passionate so that only a child of Dal in the throes of an emotional fit can surpass them. The Crown does not only indicate a passionate individual, but one with a skill and talent at manipulating the passions of others. The sign is also associated with ambition.


    While different nations on the Three Worlds use different dates to mark the start of their calendars, the current year is often marked by one of the Wandering Stars, or by the absence. This divides the calendar into a series of 6 years.

    These years are in order: the Swift Star, the Bright Star, the Bloody Star, the King Star, the Old Star, and the Starless Year. There are two special cases. The first is that Masor lacks the Bloody Star in its sky and instead replaces it with the Year of the Missing Star. The second is Pnakostic Astrology which marks the Starless Year as the Year of the Bleak Star.

    Astrology of the Wandering Stars:
    Year of the Swift Star: Said to govern agility and reflexes, those born in the year of the Swift Star are thought to have a greater tendency towards professions such as courier, archer, or thief.

    Year of the Bright Star: Associated with charm, social influence, and sorcerous talent. Those born under the Bright Star are thought to be charming, persuasive, and beautiful, and tend towards professions such as courtier, diplomat, or bard.

    Year of the Bloody Star: Associated with strength and combat. Those born under the Bloody Star are thought to be masters of war and battle. Those born under it turn towards careers in the military, gaining prestige as great warriors or great generals.

    Year of the Missing Star (Masor): Where Alli'ur and Hondaro have war regulated by the Bloody Star, on Masor it goes wild due to the lack of the star. Associated with rampant warfare, and senseless battle those born under the Missing Star are said to be the greatest and most furious of warriors turning towards berserk rage and brute force.

    Year of the King Star: The King Star governs wisdom, insight, and observation. Those under the King Star's sway are said to make wise decisions and fair judgment. They tend towards professions as judges, healers, and priests.

    Year of the Aged Star: The Aged Star governs longevity, health, and stamina. Those born under the Aged Star are said to live longer and more active lives than others. It is associated with a variety of professions, though especially monks and druids.

    Year With No Star: The Starless Year governs intellect, knowledge, learning, and black magic. Those born under the Starless Year are thought to learn quicker, but also have an inclination towards treachery and power hunger. The professions it is associated with are wizards, necromancers, and lore keepers.

    Tomb of Pnakost: Begins the Year of the Swift Star in the month of Hamra.
    The Eye of Koth: Begins the Year of the King Star in the month of Vleermius.
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