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    Oh, nice updates. I will comment when i have more time.

    In the meantime ...

    The price of failure
    "You... did.... WHAT?"

    The final word of the question quickly devolved into a roar that echoed around the audience chamber with a force that shook the stomachs of those witnessing the outburst. The bestial sound was accompanied by a crushing blow that sent Raziel toppling backwards head over heel through the air like a rag doll. With a sickening crack the half fiend landed on the hot stone floor and skidded several more feet before finally coming to rest in a crumpled heap of armour and flesh.

    Vast, iron hard muscles rippled in the hind legs of the Wyrm as his great pinions beat once to help him make a short hop that covered the distance between him and the battered warlock. The colossal bulk of the dragon crashed back down to the ground, sending a shockwave through the cavern that shook smaller stalactites loose and brought most of the assembled humanoids to their knees.

    Khelendros sat back on his haunches, looking down directly over the dazed form of Raziel. One great claw moved to pin his helpless minion firmly to the ground.

    "All I need do, Raziel... is exert a small amount of pressure, and I would no doubt derive a certain amount of satisfaction from watching as your insides spill out through the various openings in your pitifully weak frame. So then... explain to me, insect. Why I should not crush the life from your frail, fleshy body, in order to slightly appease the overwhelming displeasure I currently feel" The measured, low rumble of the dragon's voice had now returned and the statement was delivered in a tone that suggested the answer might not even matter.

    Raziel gasped for breath though lightning stabs of pain as Khelendros, in order to reinforce the point, shifted his weight slightly to compress the warlocks already broken body a little further.

    "Forgive me... most... glorious and... ancient one... I... wished... only... to please.. you.. my lord of... lords." The bloody words were barely a whisper, spat out through cracked ribs and shattered torso.

    "And yet... here we are, worm. My displeasure is clearly evident... and your limp struggles send enticing vibrations up my arm. They stir a hunger in me, Raziel, I feel prey writhe helplessly under my grasp and I begin to wonder what you would taste like... I can always find a new steward... no?" Strings of draconic drool dripped down from his jaws as the lord of the south brought his nose down to sniff lightly at his victim.

    "P... please... oh terror... of... the south... I beg.. you... my master." Words were forming slightly easier now, as the Half fiend's body finally began to repair itself. Broken whispers were replaced by short grunts of barely supressed agony as flesh and bone forged new paths through the warlock's broken frame. "My... intent... was not to ... offend the raging... flame... of Tiamat. But merely to... resolve the situation... as quickly as... possible in order... to save your most magnificent... concern" The dragon's head was now dangerously close to Raziel's face. He was beginning to panic as his master's scorching, sulphur smelling breath distorted the terrifying visage through a shimmering haze of heat. Raziel shuddered involuntarily as the great orbs of molten lava that were Khelendros' eyes gazed down upon him hungrily.

    The dragon raised his head back up, and with a snort, removed his clawed foot before turning away and walking slowly back to his throne mound. Raziel relaxed slightly and slowly tried to bring his erratic breathing under control whilst keeping the gasps of shock from escaping his lips as his bones continued to rearanged themselves into some semblence of order.

    "Make no mistake, vermin" Khelendros began as he paused his progress to snake his head around over his vast fore shoulder. "This is not mercy... nor was i swayed by your pathetic words. This is pragmatism, nothing more... defy me again, and despite your use as a steward, I will be far less restrained. Then you will know the real extent of a dragon's wrath!"
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