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Thread: Traits WW: The misty isle

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    Jed Cra'll Walked slowly along the top of the wall, a torch held in his hand. No Daicchi was going to pass along here on his watch, while he was here the mistress could sleep safe.

    Then he realised that the central building of the isle was quiet, a little too quiet, maybe he should investigate.
    As he was pondering this, someone spoke.

    "Shouldn't you be watching for people coming the other way? I mean, it would be terrible, if say, a Daicchi were come walking along," the snake faced individual theorised, "And stick something sharp into your chest, like..... this." He said, sticking a large knife into the man's chest.

    The man looked at the dagger dazed, Then, with a dagger stuck into his chest, proceeded to fling his arm forward and knock the Daicchi to the ground. "What the heck are you doing on this isle? It was meant to be a safe haven, we were meant to be finally free," He raged, "Why did you have to come and ruin that peace?"

    A blade promptly flicked out of the bottom of the Daicchi's boot, which he swung to chop off part of the guards leg. "We did it because... we enjoy harming others," He remarked coldly, "And what you find beautiful, my kind found ugly."

    The man pulled the dagger from his chest and flung it at the Daicchi. The Daicchi rolled sideways to avoid this, he did, however, fall off the wall.
    A thud was heard on the ground below, and someone raised the alarm.
    The dim figure of the Daicchi limping away was barely visible to the Guard as he breathed his last few breaths.

    C'Nor Died, he was killed by The Sadist
    No card flip for night kills

    Player list:
    01|Penguinator| |
    02|Ramsus| |
    03|Usourselves&we| |
    04|Vesth| |
    05|Chaos redefined| |
    06|Tom the mime| |
    07|cd4| |
    08|Istari| |
    10|Gray Mage| |
    11|Lex-kat| |
    12|Grue bait| |
    13|Ur-Quan| |
    14|Internet Flea| |
    15|Matthias| |
    16|Count DingDong| |
    18|Ebonwolf| |
    19|Bookboy| |
    20|Bladescape| |

    Day 2 begins late, and ends after 72 hours, or when a lynch is decided
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