Is Nixa insane? Perhaps. The same can be said for most, if not all, of her dragon-siblings. Heck, maybe even the drow ones too!

"Have you any idea how rare naturally occurring quadruplets are? I certainly don't, but it's nothing I've ever heard of on Laira. This is the drow we're talking about here, my bet is still on genetic experiments." Or maybe that's just paranoia.

"Ooh, yes, you'd be perfect fodder for his critters. And while they're dining on you, I could sneak past and free Akoraun. What a foolproof plan!" Usually it'd be just like Nixa to march in without any thought to anything, and try to purge everything with fire. But this time? "Yes, Vierzt could help perhaps. We'll need an alchemist too though, or a cleric, or someone who can do something about Beren's mind-control techniques... but make no mistake, I will not follow in your footsteps. I am in charge here, do not forget that halfling." Nixa has a minor obsession with dominance statures. It's never wise to argue power with a dragon.