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    After updating the Barbaripedia, the archive is now in an ugly white as it seems I have to rebuild the skin. I may do that tomorrow.
    On the other hand, the update was neccessary to enable a new feature that will allow me to add In-setting quotes to articles, since all official knowledge will be limited to what people in the world know to keep up mystery and uncertainty. And then I'll be able to work off all those ideas I've piling up.

    Next will probably be an introduction into the fey civilizations of the past, of which there are no written records but many surviving ruins and artifacts.
    Here a little preview:
    "Three Stone Arch Society" A type of ruin that features characteristical doorways that use the same technique as in stone arches, but consist of only two slightly inward leaning "posts" and a single "beam" at the top. These buildings use very large stones of random sizes and shapes but with perfectly flat surfaces that fit together seamlessly. Similarly, buildings usually have a square base and a flat roof, becomming slightly narrower towards the top. Ruins of this type are the most common the the eastern Shenna'hir forest from the Dragonspires to the Witchfens.
    "Twisted Spires" These are probably the oldest and by far most alien looking ruins anywhere found in the Barbarian Lands. They appear as if molten rock had been pulled out of the ground like soft clay or very sticky gruel, to harden into tall pillars of solid rock. In addition, they all have a slight twist causing the ridges and furrows on the outside to spiral towards the top, which is often jagged as if the upper end had been splintered. On the inside, all rooms are carved out of the solid stone and still have flat surfaces and sharp angles that any gnome mason would not be able to improve on much. The outsides of the towers usually have balkonies and turrets added to them from different types of stone, but it is unkown id they were build by the same people who carved the rooms or maybe even errected the spires.

    Update: The page should now be working again. See the main page for direction to refresh the site with the changes taking place.
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