If anyone actually does end up reading this forum post let me introduce myself, JakeNubbin the DM of the campaign that wolfwoodarmy above was talking about. I do actually want to go into more detail about what he is talking about because that telling of the tale of Delta seems a bit less meaty then I would put it. Its also slightly inaccurate. My campaign, The Eight of Virtannia, is a big experiment when it comes to making a D&D campaign and I would like to share with you all what I wanted to accomplish with this. He did mention the dream sequence but nothing about the virtues of each town, the deities themselves and what they actually are, and how each town is set up and how these lands aren't linear in the slightest. First off, a little back-story.

I wanted to construct a Dungeons and Dragons campaign for my two closest friends, sounded easy enough. Lee and Wolfwood aren’t the hardest people to please when it comes to D&D. As long as something happens logically and in a concise order they could roll with it. But, this was also problem due to the fact that they would be pleased with anything. I didnt want them to be pleased, I wanted them giddy. I wanted Wolfwood and Lee to tell their friends and family how exciting their D&D sessions are and once were. So having Wolfwood actually post how this game is going on a prestigious Dungeons and Dragons forum is quite the honor.

We had started up D&D because it sounded awesome, and it is. My friend Lee was the designated Dungeon Master due to his complete disregard for anything mediocre. Lee is a cynic, hates most books and movies and… everything pretty much. So we knew that if he was satisfied with the game, it was pretty amazing. Everything he said carried weight behind it; if Lee likes it then it must be good.

Wolfwood was our designated best friend and weird guy. If we needed the plot to roll off in some weird-ass crazy direction then he was our go-to guy. He is also fine with playing a girl and two characters so yeah we kept him around all the time. Wolfwood was able to keep tally of gold and items in his little notebook and had the weirdest memory. Could calculate perfectly which enemy went first, to where and did what but could never remember the name of the first bloody town we started off in.

Our main session was held with two other friends of ours. Due to the fact that one of these friends could rarely ever meet up, and the other could never ever handle a bad outcome and would become easily frustrated, we started up our own joint team. I called this a Beta team, which then instantly made those regular sessions the Alpha sessions. Alpha was constructed entirely by Lee and he was able to construct a beautiful landscape to explore, vibrant characters to talk to, and glorious dungeons to raid. Being the cynic that he is, this came to us with no surprise.

Lee also took charge of Beta since he was an experienced DM at that point. Since those were experimental joint sessions with only two other people we made makeshift characters and based our sessions around the Shards of Chaos campaigns. These went very well and we almost immediately forgot about Alpha and our two other friends all together.

Then, I had an insatiable appetite for creating a campaign. I had always wanted to write a book or direct a movie or something along those lines. Something for other people to experience in and tell me how great I am. Lee and Wolfwood knew this and were actually excited to see where I would go with making anything Dungeons and Dragons related.

I wanted to create something that gave the players a sense of what the most important things were in a land that they could wrap their heads around and figure out where to go, when and why. Then, with that in mind, I wouldn’t restrict them the tiniest bit besides reasonable boarder parameters. This was Delta, my campaign that delved deep into my own brain for my own friend’s enjoyment.

Chapter 1: Effen Terry

Wolfwood said the basics but let me clear up some aspects. Yes the dream sequence was inspired by the storytelling methods used in Kingdom Hearts and I do like the music from the franchise. In fact every town has a musical theme and since im no composer I did play random pieces I got off of YouTube. That whole sequence was supposed to start the story off in an interesting logical way and I wanted to see how the PC's acted in a mysterious situation.

That dream told them that the deities are dying. Basically virtannia is a land the size of Australia if it was shaped like a crushed peanut. Eight cities dot the landscapes and they are all ruled by an animal deity that teaches its people two or three virtues that make up the basis for each city. The dream told them that the deities are dying and the PC's would learn how they would fit into the larger picture as they progressed.

Rasey, the vampire he mentioned, is played by me. His name is actually Rasputin based off of Raz from Psychonauts. But apparently Rasputin is too long...? I also don't recall anyone ever calling me Rasey. My goal is to become a vampire lord in regards to getting in touch with my ancestry.

That crab assassin Vegas he mentioned is actually a Hengeyokai assassin named Vicas that we call V but we still are nothing without him. He is played by Lee. The other two Ceil and Lain are played by Wolfwood. The dream he mentioned did take their memory of Virtannia away but never mentioned anything about destiny. I hate destiny. That captain encounter he was talking about was supposed to put the characters in a moral dilemma. Do they give themselves up as stowaways and pay 40gp or just run for the hills. Needless to say they all wanted to run.

The town they went to was NOT called tree town its actual name is Palentutorsenbarial but everyone just calls it Palentu. It is the town run by the Horse deity Gibbous and teaches its people Character, Beginnings and Improvement.

When Ceil went to Liquid Silver he actually did do a good job describing the scene there except the part where the dainty elf girl Elaine blushed deeply. She did not, she is married to a man named Terrish. Lee misheard me and said how awful it would be to have your woman stolen by a man named Terry and the name stuck. Keep this man in mind because he is an important plot point.

The huntress Lain spoke to is Regina Tress who you may have heard about from the Bark at the Moon campaign. I rewrote that entire campaign to fit what plot i'm trying to get across and now she lives in a mortal realm town by day. If anyone is angered by this i am sorry but it was the only way I could get them involved with the Bark at the Moon campaign.

That's pretty much all he wrote about and I will continue the tale with his permission in a more... upbeat story teller fashion rather than a developer commentary kind of thing. Thanks for reading all of this