Love this show. The writing is smart and quick witted, the art direction is concise and pleasing, and you can tell that Disney's animation department is stepping their game up and pulling new tricks. In a sea of cheaply done, flat, overly angular shows you can tell there was some real skill that goes into it.

I gotta say having such a smartly done, brilliantly voice acted, superbly crafted piece is a treat. While the overarching plotline hints are something I'm eager to get a good look at the day to day comedy stuff is good enough I'm not exactly chomping at the bit for something more as much as I could be. If things go well it'll hit that special mix of comedy and plot I haven't seen pulled off right YEARS.

This is definitley something that stole a spot in my top 5 from day one and will probably keep climbing if it keeps pace with what it's set up.