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    The main house no longer safe, the Count changed domiciles during the night. Where he was, few but servants knew, and one was arriving right now. News in town, that another killing had occured. Something mysterious was happening, but he would get to the root of the Daichi problem. More reports incoming.

    A few suspicious names; few stood out. Public outcry pointing toward two people: the first, Chaos. The second, the Accuser, Lex-kat. Pondering, there's a knnock on the door, a command of Enter, and another missive. Bladescape has been called out as well.

    The Count sat back in his chair, thinking. A quick decision was often a poor one, but until further information was turned up, there was little to sway him, toward anyone as the single culprit... or as last night's intruder - Daichi - for that matter.
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