GT: Just seeing if you had heard from him yet.
GT: I would really like to speak with him today.
GT: You know like actually in person instead of through his aggravating liaison who is so far up his own ass with this hal 9000 schtick its ridonkulous.
TT: I have decided on a new name, to distinguish myself from my human counterpart.
GT: Really.
GT: What is it?
TT: Lil Hal.
GT: Huh?
GT: Why that name...
TT: Just a reference to the protagonist of an ancient movie. You probably wouldn't like it.
GT: Thats a lie!
Seems the auto responder didn't get the true meaning of Jake's question, since Jake does know the reference in question pretty well. Plus, can you imagine a sci-fi movie left unseen by Jake?

(Of course, it's still funny that from Lil Hal's point of view, HAL 9000 was the protagonist of the story.)