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    "Cartridge Load!"
    -Teana, a Devicer

    The forces of light count among their ranks some of the best and brightest minds to grace the world, and more than a few have chosen to lend their aid to the cause of magical girls. The fruit of their research was the Advanced Device - a system that automates many of the strenuous magic tasks a magical girl might otherwise have to perform manually. What were at first oddities have by now become common in some regions, and there are those who have never used a device without these new features.

    These devicers often rely more heavily on their advanced tool than most magical girls, and it undoubtedly restricts their progress in some areas. But they wield a unique potential all their own, and for better or worse their versatile and powerful tools may represent the future of magical girls everywhere.

    Class Features:

    A devicer gains all of the class features listed below.

    Device: A devicer may a select simple, martial, or exotic melee weapon to serve as their device. Additionally, she may still replace her device with the effect of another archetype if she wishes, despite it being modified by this ability.

    Costume: A devicer does not gain a costume point at levels 5, 11, or 17.

    Cartridge Load (Su): At 3rd level, devicer has learned to craft and maintain automated cartridges of radiant power, which can be loaded into her device and used to fuel extraordinary bursts of power. The devicer may store a number of cartridges equal to [1/2 her magical girl level + her Cha mod], and may refresh her supply once per day as part of preparing new illuminations. As a move action, the devicer may expend a cartridge to regain motes equal to her per-turn mote regeneration. She may only use this function once per turn.

    This ability replaces Radiant Focus.

    Cartridge Boost (Su): At 5th level, the devicer learns how to use cartridges for more than simple recharging, drawing on their power to push her device far beyond its normal limits. She can spend a swift action to load a Cartridge into your device, granting it a +2 Enhancement bonus for one minute. This bonus increases to +3 at 9th level and by another +1 ever four levels thereafter, to a maximum of +5 at 17th level. This Enhancement Bonus stacks with any existing Enhancement Bonus of the weapon, but does not stack with additional uses of this ability. If the devicer possesses the Twinned Device feat this effect applies to both of her weapons.

    The Devicer can also add special properties by lowering the granted Enhancement Bonus by their cost (a +1 property would lower it by 1 and so on). She can add the following properties: Corrosive, Corrosive Burst, Flaming, Flaming Burst, Frost, Icy Burst, Keen, Shocking, Shocking Burst, Speed and Vorpal. If her Device is a Ranged Weapon, you can also add the Distance and Seeking quality.

    These qualities do not stack with qualities of the same name already on the weapon and can not be used to exceed the maximum +10 enhancment bonus of a weapon.

    Cartridge Overclock (Su): At 12th level, the devicer learns to use cartridges to fuel her weapon's most powerful abilities, transforming it into a form capable of amplifying her powers to ever greater heights - if only for a short time. Overclocking her device in this manner requires a swift action, and consumes one cartridge. Activating a new transformation while a transformation is already active will suppress the original transformation regardless of remaining duration. Each time she uses this ability, she may choose any of the following forms for her device:

    Accel Form: The devicer's weapon shifts its form to better channel the raw power of Blast Illuminations. When using a blast illumination, she may deal an additional two points of damage for each damage die roll. This transformation lasts for a number of rounds equal to the devicer's maximum costume bonus.

    Assault Form: The devicer's weapon shifts its form to grant the swiftness and accuracy to better target her Strike Illuminations. Whenever the devicer uses a Full Attack or Charge action, she may use a single Strike illumination she has prepared as part of the attack without spending an additional action. She must still pay the mote cost for the illumination, and she may not use this ability in tandem with any illumination possessing an evocation action of greater than 1 standard action. This transformation lasts for one round.

    Buster Form: The devicer's weapon sprouts stabilizing wings or similar features to compensate for excess recoil. While in this form, the devicer can execute any Illumination as a Full-Round action. If she does so, she receives a bonus to attack rolls equal to 1/2 her maximum costume bonus, and ignores miss chance and concealment. This transformation lasts for a number of rounds equal to the devicer's maximum costume bonus.

    This ability replaces Device - Limit Form. A magical girl can choose to not gain the Cartridge Overload class feature (despite the usual rules for archetypes), allowing her to keep her Device - Limit Form class feature instead.
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