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Thread: Baltimore/DC Area Meetup 2012

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    Default Baltimore/DC Area Meetup 2012

    It's still not quite an annual thing, yet, but we're almost there.

    This October Alarra and I are cordially inviting anyone who will be in the area for the weekend of October 12-14 to descend upon our home and partake of our hospitality.

    We don't have the same kind of awesome that the Johnson City folks have, but we DO have one of the more spectacular Rennaissance Festivals in the country (second largest, I'm told).

    Currently our plans are to have people arriving on Friday, participating in games and socializing until the wee hours of "way earlier than in JC". On Saturday morning, we'll awaken earlier and caravan down to the Ren Fest, leaving our place at around 8:30am in order to try to get good parking and good positioning for opening ceremonies, which are fun. Doors close at 6PM, but if everyone's ready to go before then, we can certainly pack up early. Upon leaving RenFest, we'll again gather at the Troll Cave and partake in more gaming and socializing until whatever hour we want. Sunday will consist of sad farewells and wishes for safe travels back to your respective home turfs.

    I'll need a headcount for who's up for the RenFest. Given enough notice, I can get tickets at a discount of about $3 cheaper than the price at the gates. It'll also mean that people won't have to stand in line at the gates and we can start enjoying the morning even earlier.

    Activities for Friday and Saturday night are open for discussion. If there's something that people would like to do, we'll see what we can figure out about making that happen.

    We will have that Thursday night off, so if people are too excited to wait and want to show up early, we'll be home and happy to entertain.

    List o' people attending:

    Pudding Troll
    Smellie Hippie
    Mountain Faerie (kids?)
    Mauve Shirt
    Indurain and Katie
    Skami Pilno
    Monkey Business
    The Succubus

    Probably coming

    Interest expressed but not 'confirmed'
    Kyrian, Erin and Gracie
    El Jaspero (and Madame Zelia?)
    Moff Chumley

    Coming if I have to drive down to Woodbridge and drag them up by their hair
    Archives Ninja, Cho and Piglet
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    Want to meet some of the most awesome people on the internet? Come to the Baltimore/DC Area RenFest Meetup 2012!