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Nixa's about to respond to Claudius when she's rudely interrupted.

"Someone intelligent?" She hisses.

...Uh oh.

She doesn't do anything yet though, but the flicker of anger and contempt in her eyes is not a good sign.

"So what are we, Rick? All idiots and helpless children, awaiting your glory, then? I suppose you wouldn't agree if I was to say that you could come only if you obey my every command?"
Bahaha! I would still follow you! I am the greatest tracker alive, among my other glamorous titles. Now, if you play nice I'll write ya an autograph.

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Yohannes mutters a little and steps back as Nixa starts to get all crazy.

And it's barely noticable, but a few vonies sprout up and attempt hold the dragoness, the bishop, and the macho man, ready to suddenly strengthen at the first sign if violence.
The Archbishop just glares the whole time. Vines will wrap on Rick's big yellow boot.