[Ilpholin's Phone]

After some checking, a reply comes.

I've got a meeting in Riverside shortly. I can meet you after that at Sawyer's Inn around [Insert appropriate time]. Come alone and disguised though. Eyes are everywhere. Love Ilph.

Ilpholin doesn't need wayward satellites catching her meeting Watch members. Granted, they are kind of hard to avoid, having their fingers in every major pie event. Still...

The meeting with the vampires are about two-three posts from being done, but because of that Ilph can easily plot clone to the Darcy meeting.

[Main Room]

"Oi! Doesn't anyone knock?" Stu says to the person wearing the blood red robe with obsidian black trim (not the one that hoped out of the van who is in a different timeline no doubt). He waves his flamethrower around menacingly.

"Can't you read the sign? Hotties only. And fully concealing robes aren't hot."