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    Fiery Tower, Weezer, Mainlander, Szilard, Ridley, the Grimmace, Leaks, myself, Haruki, Garwain, Mardel, Tech and Sil make thirteen people, as in nine plus four.

    So I'd propose the following approach, were I to have a say: First go-around, three three-way battles and two regular one-on-ones. Assuming two participants move on per threesome, this gives us 8 participants for the second round, then we proceed as normal. I had previously made a post to this effect when suddenly interest jumped the hell up, and deleted it again for that exact reason, but - not to seem pushy or hostile or anything - it's kinda been close to a month already.

    Apologies for butting in like that, just thought I'd bump and give some of my thoughts on this.
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