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[Main Room]

Clarissa's Mind: That's it! That's it! That's it! Grr! Arrgh! Rawr!

Every unrivaled drop of the foul, fetid bile of pent up aggression and animosity and rancor, that perfect blend of bitterness and darkness so long consigned to sputter and bubble and froth, a geyser bottled up within the bastion of Clarissa's soul for day upon day now as she's tried and tried and tried yet again to strive to be something her husband, Dave, could look upon without fear in his eyes, something...someone that he could be proud to share the infinite bliss of marriage with corrodes away in a puff of carcinogenic soot. This soot billows out and wafts out from the wreckage in plumes of raven glory as a seething puddle contaminates Clarissa's very being, seeping into every pore, blasting through every vein.

A lone chunk of ice clobbers Clarissa in the back of the head with an gut-wrenching crunch. It draws nothing more than a lone, hollow tear from the often ostentatious beast.

"Forgive me, Dave."

And with that doleful plea, Clarissa stands, and withdraws. Not physically. Merely emotionally.

That bodes ill for both Zefir and Chaos.

Her tendrils regroup at her side as she regally stands, battered by a hail of iceballs, no doubt. When she reaches her full height, now a towering seven feet, the main room may experience a blackout as electricity leaps out of the electrical appliances dotting the room. Glass rains from above as the voltage running through the wires spikes. The paranormal wrath steers clear of Isabelle, who likely won't get zapped by any of the electricity.

Freezing as She is, Clarissa shivers before snapping Her fingers, a depraved smirk crossing Her face as the animal who withstood hell on earth at the hands of mankind arises to once again put a mortal thingy in its place. Let it never be said that the gods do not bleed! The world favors the strong, yes, but the weak take up arms against that which they cannot comprehend.

In one breath, Her body ignites in a torrent of violet flame, melting all that it should touch with unearthly flame.

Bristling with fervent passion as She is, Her body adjures that the debonair goddess thrash Chaos into next week! She aims her right palm at Chaos.

"You know what else breaks like glass?"

She mutters a hasty spell designed to block teleportation under Her breath.

"You do!"

There's only one phrase which can describe exactly what Clarissa's next action is.

Shoop da whoop! I'm a' firin' mah lazer!

Of course, the laser is less "I'll fry you with light energy" and more reliant upon "I'll shove you against this wall and keep pushing you against it until you go splat." The laser won't be fatal if it hits, but it might immobilize Chaos and break some of the bones in his body.

This is the Clarissa that conveyed to Zee that it would altogether wreck this world.
[Main Room]

Well.. Seems like she is angry isn't she?

In the moment of the blackout and while glass rains down Chaos creats a shield out of the earth around him. He's not dump and uses his abilities to pass through the floor allowing him to move away. Not that he wants to escape, but well even he knows things like that can't be good. So the laser will likly just his a stone doll who breaks immediatelly as it reaches the wall.

After she fired her laser and maybe notice that it was just a doll she might hear chaos speak up once again. The voice seems to come from everywhere.

"My. My. My.
Your temper is smaller than an ant... or an elektron? Well, Force won't be the way to solve your problem. If you want I can offer you a trade. But only smart people would do that so I wonder if you even listen to it."