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"Oi! Doesn't anyone knock?" Stu says to the person wearing the blood red robe with obsidian black trim (not the one that hoped out of the van who is in a different timeline no doubt). He waves his flamethrower around menacingly.

"Can't you read the sign? Hotties only. And fully concealing robes aren't hot."

[Main Room]

The hooded individual turns to the man with the flamethrower. With a grin on the being's face he respond speaking with a peculiar male tone.
Huhuhu! Well then! I musta missed the memo! Didn't realize that full robes weren't allowed in this facility! Too bad, so sad. Though now that I think about, this red...its just SIMPLY awful!
The man flicks his his fingers causing the robe to turn a pumpkin orange with royal purple trim in a blink of an eye. The hood also disappearing the man's face.
Thar we go now! Much better don't ya think? Now then what was I here for again? Destruction of the Universe as we know it?...No I think its was somethin' bout a fancy new hat I wanted!...Nah, I don't its either. Maybe this's a Surprise party for my 2,200th birthday?! Could be! Could be... I know I asked for flamethrowers and lots o' explosions, but I have more people worshipping me than just you lad? Nope, definitely think it was the Universe thing! Such a pity, I could really use a party right now.

He stares at Stu for a solid momen, his amber Dragon-like eyes seeming to pierce your soul...or maybe he's just insane. Hard to really pinpoint. Oh wait he's talking to you again.
You seema little confused lad? Not that what I have to say would have any really importance to you now. So why don'tcha do me a favor, and show me to person incharge in this quaint litlle abode. OH! Maybe its you! Your the one in charge here at AMEN aren'tya? Now that would be lucky.

((Just imagine his voice from this point forward))