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    Quote Originally Posted by truemane
    You're better off with six pairs and one bye round. Then you wind up with seven people (assuming everyone submits - a big maybe). And then three pairs and bye. And then two pairs, one pair.

    Easier, maybe. But you'd also have someone auto-advancing on the bye round without a chance to compete or receive the amount of comparative criticism that would normally bring about, which seems kind of unfair to me, both to our advancee and to the people that lost that round. No offense.

    Quote Originally Posted by truemane
    And I think the contest works best in pairs.

    And even numbered judges aren't a problem. Assuming they all hang around, you have a tie-breaker and you're good to go.
    On these two, I actually agree, though a threebie has its interesting points, too, and keeps everyone involved in case of awkward numbers. Normally, I'd be all over standard pairing, make no mistake, but of all the failsafe measures at our disposal, I, personally, consider the three-way the most elegant solution.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Tyger
    I would like to enter this competition you are having.
    And here it becomes a moot point. Welcome, new guy.
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