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From the portal in the lab whence they went, they return. The 7 sins manage to finish the task, completely appearing human at that, and return to Megan's Biolab. It took them about half a day give or take to complete the task. Hey the time limit was 24 hrs so it should be ok. Damien has the power source in his arms and puts it carefully on a safe looking table and calls out to Megan.

"The task is done. I have your power source right here. Our parts done now right?"

((I'm assuming since we're not going to RP it, the team succeeded. If you don't think what I posted as the outcome is appropriate feel free to tell me in the OOC thread so I can either delete or edit this post.))
Eh...Damien will have easily gotten it, yes.
Megan looks over the power source carefully, using a scanner to make sure it's okay.
"Mmmmm...yeah. Your part is done."
She picks it up easily with a hand and deposits the cylinder with a handle into the bigger device she made for it. She turned it, and locked it in with a sigh.
"Whelp, one more step in making my lab completely self sufficient..."
Now if only she could make matter herself...oh well, a girl could only dream.
"Now onto your armor...judging from what I've seen, you all can transform to some degree and you need something that'll easily keep shape with your transformations?"