Adam's estate has some weird cat-person based religion Recaiden set up that I still don't understand fully.

[Ilpholin's Phone]

I'll be the smoking hawt drow who's looking for a good time.

Ilpholin is kidding of course.

[Ilpholin's Office]

"Come in." Ilpholin says. And the door swings open on its own for the Hatter to enter at his leisure!

[Main Room 3.0?]

Stu, the flower, stares at this guy for a bit. At least that's what the flower might be doing. It doesn't have eyes so it may as well have fallen asleep. Really hard to tell.

"Well I don't know. Do you want the person in charge of AMEN or the thing in charge of AMEN?" One's got the organization, the other's got the building.

"Oh forget it. You get the thing. No way am I sharing that hot piece of UMPH," And to emphasize, Stu does a lewd pelvic thrust at this point, "With anyone if I can help it."

At this point, Stu bangs on the walls to get the Thing in the Wall's attention. "OI! You! You got a visitor! They promised you cake."