[Ilphy's Office]

The Hatter bursts into Ilphy's office, teetering unsteadily to and fro, parking his red wagon and spreading bottles of salubrious brandy to quaff before Ilpholin, mumbling to himself,

"Suddenly, I'm everyone's parcel courtier. Pfft!"

Humbly, he spins the bottles about so that Ilphy can read the labels upon them. A certain someone sent Ilphy bottles of 12 Star Metaxa brandy, Armagnac brandy, and XO Cognac brandy. The companies that produced them are quite celebrated throughout the Nexus. Along with the gaudy set of brandy drinking glasses that accompany them, it would stand to reason that the setup would cost a fortune on the open market compared to the cheaper, less refined selection of alcohols widely available throughout the Nexus.

"The Hatteress sends her regards."

"And now, for my opening present."

The Hatter announces in his most regal voice (with a rolling of r's and everything).

He withdraws a briefcase and attempts to slide it across the table to Ilphy. It is already unlatched, and, if Ilphy is to open it, she'll find a cool haul of cash inside. And a pair of those funny glasses with the huge eyebrows and a giant plastic nose.

"That's meant to supplement AMEN's current budget for the month."

But wait! There's more!

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