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[Main Room 3.0?]

Stu, the flower, stares at this guy for a bit. At least that's what the flower might be doing. It doesn't have eyes so it may as well have fallen asleep. Really hard to tell.

"Well I don't know. Do you want the person in charge of AMEN or the thing in charge of AMEN?" One's got the organization, the other's got the building.

"Oh forget it. You get the thing. No way am I sharing that hot piece of UMPH," And to emphasize, Stu does a lewd pelvic thrust at this point, "With anyone if I can help it."

At this point, Stu bangs on the walls to get the Thing in the Wall's attention. "OI! You! You got a visitor! They promised you cake."
The unknown man stares at the flower fascinated or perhaps horrified that a flower could talk but again why would give a damn to begin with, he's was here to do a job that at some point he would actually do it. He does nothing but grin sadistically at Stu lewd posture
A woman and a beast are in charge of this place! Ho, Ho, I LOVE IT! Like one of those child my uncle used to tell me about, you know the one where the beast tears the woman shreds for being so stupid to love a beast! Those are simply best, made me half the I am today.

He makes sweeping gesture with his hands to the flower man to lead on.
PLEASE, Please! By all means lead on this splendid beast of yours. He might actually be worth my time here.